Garden Ridge Volksmarch Event

Volunteers at the parking area.

Creek I crossed to get to the start.
Most walkers took the road.

The walk started at the Forest Waters Club

It was misting rain most of the walk.

Not all the lots have been sold,
or they don't have house on them yet.

One of the many walkers

Mailbox matches the house

More walkers who don't mind rain

1st Checkpoint. Mabel & John were manning it.
4 walkers in center were from Germany/Austria

Live Oak Tree

Passed by another walker

Looking ahead.

I like the rock some of these homes are made with.

2nd Checkpoint. John was working this one too.

Looking across the lake at a crane.

John at the finish with Lyn when I came in.

One of the ladies from Austria getting her book stamped at finish.

This event was a Volksmarch hosted by the Texas Wanderers. If you are interested in finding out more about Volksmarching or the Texas Wanderers. Click Here

Lenore's Walk Diary

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