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Tarleton State University
Granbury, TX

The Hood County Hummers hosted the TVA General Assembly on Saturday and then on Sunday they hosted this 10K walk.

    The walk started at a Pavilion on the Counthouse Lawn.

Registering at the start table is John Ferguson the SW Regional Director. Anna and Lyn are manning the registration table.      

    The three statues were looking up. So we tried to see what they were looking at.

We passed a bronze heron in a nearly dry pond.  It has been very dry in here in Texas.    

    Bronze picture of Dora Lee Langdon.

College sign outside the Culteral Center.    

    Directions on where to park as we came back to the courthouse square.

Lake Granbury.    

    Carol and Brandy in front of a nice older home.

Walkers ahead of us on the route.

    Crossing a nice footbridge into a park.

Checkpoint volunteers and other walkers.

    Water/Rest Stop at the Granbury Airport.

Walkers behind us on the hike/bike trail.  Don't know if they were volksmarching or not.

    These walkers had done the walk once, they are now walking it backwards.

Carol and Brandy ahead of me going down some steps into another nice park.

    Walkers at the pavilion as we finish up the event.

Diary of College Events Walked