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University of Texas Health Science Center
Houston, TX

    The walk starts out following Holcomb Street.  We passed this sculpture.

The walk description said it was shady, and for the most part it was.      

    M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center is affiliated with the University of Texas.

University of Texas School of Nursing.    

    Another medical building.

Flame sculpture.    

    A short trail.

We circled the golf course.    

    Nice landscaping near the golf course clubhouse.

Pagoda style park pavilion.

    We walked past the Houston Garden Center.

Back on city streets we passed the Children's Museum.

    Our checkpoint was a question about this statue. The statue stands in front of the Miller Outdoor Amphitheater.

We crossed this bridge heading toward the Zoo.

    We followed a path along the water.

We passed the main entrance to the Zoo and circled the zoo.  This elephant was standing guard at the back entrance.

    As we neared the end of the walk we passed another UT-Houston Building

University of Texas Medical School.

Diary of College Events Walked