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Wright Patman Lake

The walk was laid out in a figure 8 with the start/finish serving as the checkpoint. The Figure 8 was 5k, so you had to walk each loop twice. We reversed directions the second time around for variety. We passed the other walkers on the trail that way too.

Walk start was at an open pavilion near the lake.

We walked along the edge of the lake.

Leaving the lake we headed into the woods.
We came out near the entrance and walked through the gate.

We headed back into the woods.

Lenore playing with Carol's digital camera, and later climbing on logs.

This was a nice little playground.

We are now walking along the lake in the opposite direction from the start in the other loop of the figure 8.

I took the above picture from the floating dock. To the left is Lenore on the dock

Other walkers on the trail which is now park roads.

After the park road we reentered the woods.

Back on park roads we pass through several campgrounds.

More walkers on the trail

We are now walking the figure 8 backwards.

Some more walkers.